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Apppliance company was called out for a Dacor dishwasher repair in Auburn California, actually in Meadow View. We service Placer County, Eldorado County and Sacramento County.

The dishwasher was flashing a F1 code. We called dacor tech line and they told us that it could be a board or presure switch issue. The only problem with there diagnosis is the dishwasher ran fine most of the time, the error only happend some of the time.

Chad and I pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter, we ran it over and over checking the water fill level, checking if the water was being heated by the heating element in the dishwasher ect. Everything was checking good. Then Chad saw a black object traveling through the drain hose. The hose is a white corrugated hose. We put the dishwasher into drain and watched the object travel up the hose towards the air gap. The water draining sound that is usually present when the dishwasher is draining suddenly was gone about the time the black object reached the air gap. Dan pulled the hose off of the air gap and shook out an old rusty screw out of the drain hose. They reassembled the drain line, reinstalled the dishwasher and we have not been back since.

The moral of this story is look for the simlpe solution before you replace expensive parts. The customers appreciate it, and I think we have a customer for life because of our do diligence to find the problem .

The goal for us is to have repeat busness and to be a company that is standing tall