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Did you know that a clogged vent on the back of your Kenmore dryer is a fire hazard? When the dryer exhausts into that tubing behind the dryer, it goes into the wall and out the side of your house or to your roof. The moisture and thickness of the lint get stuck inside the vent and builds up like the lint trap inside your dryer.

The lint from your dryer is extremely flammable and on a hot summer day, tragedy can happen. Also, a clogged vent causes your dryer to become unable to pull heat into the drum, leaving clothes cold and damp after a full cycle. When the vent is full of lint, the dryer has to work extra hard to pull in any heat, which can cause thermostats and heating elements to burn out.

We suggest having dryer vents cleaned out every year or two to keep you safe and to help maintain the working life of your dryer.