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A Sacramento customer today had a series of issues that prompted them to request a service call for their stack Maytag washer/dryer.  First of all this was the first time they had a front load washer and they were concerned with the mold on the front seal and the sloshing sound even after the spin cycle thinking that it wasn’t pumping all the way out. In fact though, the sloshing is the liquid that is sealed in the outer ring to act as a gyro so it keeps the machine balanced during the spin cycle. So no problems there. The mold is typical as the front seal always seems to be wet. Wiping it, keeping the door open for a while and treating it with the affresh product once in a while seems to keep it in check.

But after being nervous about the sloshing, the real issue that caused the washing machine repair call was standing water in the drum that was discovered a couple of days after the last washing. It was the only time this has happened. The house has low water pressure so more than likely the water valve didn’t seal tightly for a while as it requires water pressure to reseal itself after being opened. We put the machine through several cycles but no problem reappeared. Probably a one-time occurrence but the Maytag washer was 8 years old so the valve also could be getting some build-up and getting a little sticky. The customer decided to go ahead a replace it anyway as the water valve not closing during operation could turn in to a real disaster.

Further prompting the decision to take the washer apart was an intermittent rattle during the spin cycle. It sounded similar to what a coin in the dryer sounds like. After fixing the water valve we looked between the inner and outer drum and sure enough found a really beat up penny that somehow exited someone’s pants and made it to where it shouldn’t have been.

So if your Maytag front load washer sloshes as you turn the drum, probably not a problem. But if it is something else and you live in the Sacramento area, please give us a call.