Samsung Refrigerator Service Call without an Expensive Repair

Working on a French door Samsung refrigerator repair in Folsom the other day I found the freezer display showing that the freezer was running at -2 degrees Fahrenheit. But I checked the actual temperature with my infrared temperature gun and I found the freezer was at 32 degrees. I was certain that one of the thermistors in the freezer had failed. I proceeded to take the freezer apart accessing the cabinet thermistor and stuck the thermistor into a cup of ice water. A cup of ice water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and putting the thermistor into the cup of water  and then checking the resistance value comparing it to a chart that I have access to, I found the thermistor to be perfectly fine. I put it all back together unplugged the unit for 5 minutes which resets the micro computer on the main control board and lo and behold the customers Samsung refrigerator is working.

The Samsung refrigerator I repaired in Folsom is now running well and the customer is monitoring it.

RF265AABP is the model number