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We’re Dan and Christina, owners of Appliance Company, and committed to fixing your major appliances as fast as possible with integrity.

We are a growing family run business and know how frustrating it is when you have a problem but all you get is message machines because everyone is in the field! We’ll answer the phone and we try and answer it during the evening also.

So give us a call at 916-397-0139 or 530-919-8412

We think you’ll appreciate our honest business practices with no lowball service call pricing only to sock you with high parts and other charges. We even give you 30 days to call us back, no charge, if for some reason the problem that you are having can’t be reproduced when the repair person first comes out on the service call.

We warranty parts that we install for 1 full year. This typically extends the manufacturer’s warranty by 9 months!

Best of all we are a one stop shop and can work on any brand and any major appliance model major out there.

Really would prefer to try and fix it yourself? No problem, try our parts hotline at 877-504-2136

We offer service call discounts for multiple appliances so just give us a call at 916-397-0139 or 530-919-8412 and we’ll get them all back in running order again.