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Dishwasher & Disposal Repairs

Back ups? Clogs? Water on your kitchen floor? Dirty dishes piling up? Frustrations piling with them? Chances are that you have a broken dishwasher. Fortunately for you, we can fix it.

The kitchen is normally the center of the home, as food is one of the main priorities in life. In fact, it usually goes something like this: air, water, food, everything else. So when something goes wrong in the kitchen, something is really wrong with the whole function of the household. We understand this. That’s why, as Sacramento dishwasher repair experts, we work so hard and train so long to fix any brand appliance on the market.

No matter what brand dishwasher you have, we have the expertise to get it running properly again in no time. Some dishwashers are better than others, so if you want your cheap dishwasher to wash better, there probably isn’t much that we can do. But if your dishes aren’t getting clean even though you’ve run them through the appropriate cycle, you might just need to call for service.

Dishwashers are complicated machines. They need to be working just right in order for your kitchen to function properly. Backups and clogs can be easily fixed by an experienced repairman, especially if that repairman is familiar with your dishwasher’s exact make and model. Here at Appliance Company, we can fix any model machine quickly and competently, ensuring that you get the best possible service out of your dishwasher while you have it.

Of course, the problem could be with your garbage disposal and not your dishwasher. Not to worry, we are great at discovering the correct problem and resolving any issues it might be creating. Garbage disposal repair is one of our favorite jobs. There’s nothing quite like making a sink work correctly; it puts you into a good mood every time.

So whether your blades won’t turn or your drain won’t drain, we can get your disposal working and your kitchen clear in no time at all.


If you brand is not mentioned we can and will figure any appliance issue out. WE AT APPLIANCE COMPANY ARE REAL APPLIANCE MECHANICS with the drive and desire to learn and persevere to be the best at what we do! Give us a call for experienced dishwasher repair in Sacramento.